Bring out the best of your employees

Do you have an employee who isn't functioning optimally (anymore).
When you get the feeling that your employee needs some support to get (back) into his optimal form, Jobcoaching offers a great solution.

Jobcoaching encompasses all activities necessary to get your employee (back) into shape. Our Jobcoach takes both the needs of the employer and the employee into account. As a Jobcoach we have a trust-relationship with the employee so background information can be discussed as well.

We gladly map out the (potential) strenghts of the employee in question using Talent Analysis (TMA). By doing this all involved parties will have the points of development readily clear.

4 steps to optimally functioning employees

Step 1: Contact us 

    • Call 06 382 16 916 or mail to and specify your needs.
    • Our Jobcoaching Expert will contact you directly to advise.
    • Define terms of cooperation.

Step 2: Testing and Evaluating 

    • Thorough analysis of the employee (possibly with TMA and 360° feedback analysis).
    • Determining the results and conclusions. This will take place with all involved parties (Employee, you as our client and Jobcoach).

Step 3: Planning ahead 

    • Determining the points of development, strenghts and (temporary) weaknesses of the employee.
    • Forming realistic, achievable goals.
    • Planning concrete actions to reach goals.

Step 4: Personal guidance 

    • Coaching-on-the-Job
    • We would like to evaluate the entire process with you (our client) and the employee in question. Feedback is always welcome. Seeing as we do want to deliver a service
    • that provides comfort and good results for all parties involved.

* In step 2 we will look at the possibilities to raise the employee to the desired level of productivity together. We will also discuss how much time will be dedicated to the entire process and over what period of time.

The above is just an example of what our Jobcoaching service could look like. As every person is different the service is very flexible and can be arranged to fit the indivual involved.

Potential compensation by UWV
Jobcoaching may be compensated by UWV. When the functioning of an employee is structurally impaired, Career Result can apply for a Jobcoaching compensation. To be considered eligible, a number of preconditions have to be met.

  1. The company doctor has to explain why the employee is structurally impaired.
  2. The employee has to be working for at least 12 hours a week.

When these conditions are met, we will apply for the service together with the employee.

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