Interim Search

Quick access to a network of proven professionals.

The interim needs of organisations have changed quickly the last few years and are growing steadily. Interim provides a temporary replacement of employees or the need for knowledge and expertise for a specific business project. Our interim professionals are available for both temporary replacement in case of absense and temporary expertise that your team currently doesn't possess.


We search through the entire market for the best available interim professionals. This ensures that we can select only the best fitting interim professionals for you.

In 3 steps you will have a fitting professional aboard.
Beneath each step, we give details about our efforts in each step. You, as our client, only have to follow up on the main steps, we will take care of everything else!


Step 1: Contact us

    • Call 085-00 20 019 or send a email to and explain your current need.
    • The best suited Recruitment Expert will then contact you directly to advise you.
    • We’ll search and select candidates and have personal contact with them.

Step 2: Choosing Candidates

    • We’ll speak with the candidates and make a short list.
    • You’ll receive an email with a summary and together with you we will select the best fitting candidates.
    • We’ll arrange a get-to-know meeting at the location of your choosing.

Step 3: Speaking to- and Evaluation of Candidates

    • You’ll have personal contact with chosen candidates.
    • We’ll evaluate them together. We’ll advise, you’ll choose.
    • Start of activities. Your interim needs have been fulfilled.
    • 2 weeks after starting activities, we’ll come in and have a first evaluation.

We will deal with the financial, fiscal and legal ongoings of the entire process. We will relieve you of every single duty and care regarding the recruitment process.

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