Dedicated Search

Success through focus

Dedicated search is a hybrid service and uses the Career Result Talent Pool actively. In applying this service you can directly capitalise from our daily efforts in maintaining and building upon our talent pool without investing in Executive Search. On average you will save 30% of the costs made with Executive Search.

Our standard Recruitment efforts will be accompanied by an extensive search in both our own and commercial databases. On average we will find 100 potential candidates, who will be approached. In case Dedicated Search provides insufficient results you can always change the service to Executive Search.

In 4 steps you will have a fitting professional aboard.
Beneath each step, we give details about our efforts in each step. You, as our client, only have to follow up on the main steps, we will take care of everything else!

Step 1: Contact us 

    • Call +31 (0)85-00 20 019 or send an email to and explain your current need.
    • The best suited Recruitment Expert will then contact you directly to advise you.
    • We’ll discuss the terms of our collaboration.

Step 2: Vacancy Intake 

    • Vacancy intake.
    • An Internet Marketing Campaign will be devised, tailored specifically to the target audience of the vacancy.
    • The vacancy will be spread on common and target audience websites, among which is always present.
    • On top of that the vacancy will be spread by mailing the candidates who are in Career Result’s network. You will capitalise directly on the network Career Result has built up. Our knowledge of the market will always deliver the most effective campaign.
    • Extensive search in our Careers Result’s own and commercial databases.

Step 3: Choosing Candidates 

    • You’ll receive an email with a summary and together with you we will select the best fitting candidates.
    • We’ll evaluate them together. We advise, you choose.
    • We’ll arrange a get-to-know meeting at the location of your choosing.

Step 4: Speaking to- and Evaluation of Candidates 

    • You’ll have personal contact with chosen candidates.
    • We’ll evaluate them together. We advise, you choose.
    • We’ll offer the working conditions on your behalf and provide explanation.
    • We’ll assist in the negotiations.
    • We’ll assist the candidate in leaving their previous employer.
    • Start of activities. Your needs have been fulfilled.
    • 2 months after starting activities, we’ll come in and have a first evaluation.

What do we expect from you?

    • Time to discuss the vacancy on short notice.
    • Availability to discuss upcoming chances and threats throughout the search.
    • When necessary, the ability to quickly shift or adjust. Passive superstars always have multiple options.
    • Flexibility, a 100% match is simply not possible. We’re working with people it’s always going to be 80-120%

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