Do you have a passion for quality and automation and do you get energy from signaling problems in time? Are you always looking for ways to improve quality and automate testing, integration and delivery?

As a Tester you help to test our in-house software platform Vertex. You will also have the opportunity to help design, build and maintain automated testing and the CI/CD pipeline, using the latest technologies. You are part of a team of software and data experts and you can be deployed on different and diverse projects at our customers. With your analytical skills you ensure that problems in the software end up in your hands instead of the customer.


Working at Energy Essentials should be fun and we do not have strict job profiles. The activities are primarily organized around the talents of our employees and the roles we play in various projects. In this way we bring out the best in people and we continue to learn from each other, previous experiences and new insights.

You will help us build and design the new energy transaction platform of the future Vertex. With Vertex, market parties can facilitate the transition within the energy market and set up complex processes. For example, Vertex offers solutions to support and automate processes such as strategic purchasing, delivery, pricing, back testing, messaging, balance maintenance and invoicing. This improves decisions through insight and algorithms (dashboards & trading). Vertex can organize data in such a way that it can be used for smart solutions (decision models) whether or not automated, such as controlling and optimizing sustainable means of production and/or consumption (including windmills, solar parks and batteries or algo trading) or setting up of dashboards for human decision making. Security, business rules, traceability and availability are essential here.

What's in it for me?

  • You will receive good primary and secondary employment conditions, including a collective pension, travel expenses and bonus scheme.
  • You create smart solutions every day using the latest technology.
  • You will receive sufficient training opportunities in addition to a full-time position (40 hours).
  • You get a lot of space to work independently and to bring in your creativity in an open and informal culture.
  • You are jointly responsible for operationalizing and optimizing one of the most advanced IT platforms in the energy sector.
  • You are a full member of a talented and motivated team.

What we ask:

  • HBO/WO level.
  • Experience with agile/scrum environments and associated tooling such as JIRA.
  • Minimum 3 years experience as a tester.
  • Experience with test automation tools.
  • Experience with software development.
  • Experience with CI/CD (ArgoCD, GitHub, Ansible, Jenkins).
  • Critical of own performance, ability to learn.

Energy Essentials

As an IT service provider, Energy Essentials focuses entirely on the energy market, which is in full swing. The share of sustainable energy is increasing and the way in which consumers and companies deal with energy is changing. New technologies such as the smart meter, solar panels, heat pumps and electric vehicles make energy processes more complex and explode the amount of available data. This is a major challenge for energy companies. Energy Essentials supports energy companies in optimally organizing, automating and managing the energy supply process. Our team consists of a mix of experts in the field of energy, software, IT infrastructure and data science. We have developed our own software platform, Vertex, which supports energy companies in the execution of complex processes in the field of pricing, trading, planning and delivery. The Energy Essentials team analyzes energy supply processes and knows how to implement the right software solutions for every challenge.

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