Scala Developer Big Data



Nieuwegein, Utrecht


Richard ten Brink

Introduction - Scala Developer (Big Data)

How would you like to write your code in Scala, and only Scala? Are you one of the many functional programming enthusiasts who is still doing mainly object oriented work? Have we got news for you!

Our client is looking for programmers who share their passion for functional programming principles and specifically Scala. They have made a very conscious choice for a specific development stack consisting of Scala/Akka/Play!/Angular/your choice of other JS varieties. Your job will be to write code. It has to be very good code, but this company does not produce reports or advice. Just code.

Offer - Scala Developer (Big Data)

The most prominent feature of what is on offer is the highest possible level of freedom to work with the technologies you love on the coolest projects in the market. Other points worth mentioning are:

  • A solid budget for your further development, both in time and money;
  • 10% of your time allocated to team activities aimed at getting even better at what you collectively do;
  • Social events together with your colleagues;
  • A good salary and excellent secondary benefit package.

Candidate - Scala Developer (Big Data)

Your main feature is a real passion for coding. There are of course some expectations about your level of expertise, but in the end this team has the ambition to stay right on the bleeding edge of open source software development so your ability to constantly adapt your stack to include the latest new tools is far more important than what you did in the past. What we do look for in your background is:

  • Polyglot programming background, including at least Java and Scala;
  • Spoken and written English at native/bilingual level, with Dutch fluency as a bonus;
  • Dutch residence and valid permanent work permit.

The way the team is set up, with hands-off (enablement only) management does require a certain self sufficiency on your part. After all, with freedom comes responsibility.

Company - Scala Developer (Big Data)

Our client is a recent spinoff from a large Dutch IT organisation, formed explicitly to do functional programming (mostly Scala) on projects in Big Data and Finance. It has been founded by developers for developers, meaning that there is no fixed management presence and that the strategic direction of the unit is a joint responsibility of the team. You can enjoy that wonderful start-up energy without the drawbacks of financial insecurity and uncertainty of commercial success. A true best of both worlds proposition.