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Richard ten Brink


Would you like to go to the next level in complexity in the apps you build? Do you feel at home in a highly innovative R&D environment? Then join our team at Nedap Retail!

Our mission is to work on "smart" retail. We do this by building solutions around Rf ID tagging embedded in the price tags of articles in stores. With our technology we automate a large part of the not sales related tasks of store employees, such as:

  • Automated stock taking, where you just walk through the store and let our proprietary handheld device do the all the counting;
  • Automated ordering, meaning that the inventory count gets uploaded to a central ERP system through an API and the correct amount of new articles gets ordered to avoid running out of stock;
  • Theft prevention without clearly visible measures. The Rf ID tag gets read when the customer pays, which registers the product as being sold and allowed to leave the store without the customer needing to see alarms actively removed from their purchases.

All this means we have a very real impact on the end users. We make their work easier and certainly more enjoyable.

Because almost all of this goes on on the store floor, the apps we run on our handhelds have to be very feature rich and complex and work in real time. This means the work done by our R&D team has a level of complexity not many companies working in the mobile sphere can match.

Based on what we've seen in your online profile(s) it seems you might have what it takes. Let's see if we can convince you this might be the ideal opportunity for you!

What we have to offer

Working at Nedap is a very rewarding experience. Our colleagues have the freedom to determine when, where and how much they work and a high level of technical autonomy. The main attraction however is the complexity of our solutions. You simply get to solve harder puzzles in our team than you do today. A few more statements about what makes this job special:

  • We build everything in-house. Everything! Our own hardware, firmware and apps come together as a truly seamless integration;
  • You get to travel (infrequently so it doesn't become a burden) within Western Europe to conduct field tests and have direct interaction with the end users of the solutions you build;
  • We are scaling up. New markets, new ways to scale our platforms, new technologies constantly being introduced. A very dynamic environment where we can promise you will not get bored.

Just some loose terms to show that we are buzzword-proof: Android, iOS, Kotlin, Agile, Cloud, Springboot, Rabbit, Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, JSON, React Native, various forms of xxxJS.

Who we are looking for

You like to work on Apps that are more than "just a mobile frontend" and that have a real impact on the daily work of the end users. Given the nature of our work you have a mindset that allows you to fix today's challenges without losing sight of the long term goals for the further development of your platform.

Here's a list of some of the things we pay attention to in our hiring process:

  • Demonstrable experience building Android Apps with a high level of complexity;
  • Personality that thrives in an environment with a high level of personal freedom and responsibility;
  • Preference for solving complex puzzles;
  • Preferably experienced with working in R&D environments;
  • Near native fluency in spoken and written English, with Dutch as a nice bonus.

If you recognize yourself in what is written above we would love a chance to meet in person to discuss your ambitions.

About Career Result and Nedap

Career Result is a recruitment agency like many others, but also a very different agency in a few key areas. We believe in actual personal communication (as in, we meet face to face with you before wanting to even see your CV) and place a lot of value on your privacy.

Our services for this vacancy have retained by Nedap, specifically their division. They are a leading player in the field of retail automation and security with a strong speciality in RfID tagging and the apps and applications needed to make them work in the field.

The Nedap team as a whole numbers about 800 and the company is active in 10 different countries around the globe with the HQ in Groenlo, and a flex office in Utrecht.