Dedication to search for an excellent match

There are a number of reasons why we can fulfill your vacancies smarter and quicker.

    • Our Recruitment Experts are specialized in specific domains which allows them to have a large network of candidates, clients and other stakeholders within the domain. 
    • Each project is followed up by one Recruitment Export to preserve one-to-one guidance. The Recruitment Expert is supported by the Talent Sourcing- and Recruitment Specialists of our Back Office. In this manner, Career Result is able to pay special attention to each client and candidate which makes for a big difference. 
    • The Back Office is also responsible for maintaining the relationship with candidates and extending our international network with candidates in relevant industry areas. 
    • We have a long term relationship with most of our candidates. We are aware of their needs, what motivates them and why they would be open to change jobs. 
    • A result-oriented approach: our business model is based on result. A (significant) part of the costs is only charged upon successful placement. 
    • We shift knowledge and candidates from one industry to another. This can make for the possibility to implement innovations from other fields that are relevant for you. This knowledge is always shared with our clients and our candidates to provide new opportunities for your organizations and the candidates. 
    • Our Recruitment Experts are partners within Career Result. They are responsible to run a team with focus on strong and immediate results, similar to our clients. The success of the customer is also the partner's success.

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