Individual fit

Career Result supports and helps employees who have become superfluous or are eligible for Outplacement for other reasons. Our guidance and mediation is always oriented at the individual, even when the Outplacement order is for a bigger group. Our specialty is placing cross-industry.
Amongst others we use Talent Analysis (TMA) in constructing employees' job market profile. 

Our Outplacement Experts have been active for many years in various branches. The Candidates will often find a new and durable job within 6 months. To further increase the employee's position on the job market, we can educate candidates, create workexperience functions or find interim solutions.

These services are also applicable to re-integration line 1 and 2.
In 4 steps we'll give your employees new chances on the job market.
You, as our client, will be notified of the progress via monthly progressreports.

Step 1: Contact us

    • Call 06 382 16 916 or mail to info@careerresult.nl and specify your needs.
    • Our Outplacement Expert will contact you directly to advise.
    • Define terms of cooperation.

Step 2: Intake

    • We look at past, present at future. Where is the employee now and what is the employees' focus?
    • We define the strenghts of the employee (strength/weakness anaysis) by using TMA, Insights Discovery test or other tests preferred by you. We look at characteristics, talents, competencies etc..
    • With the available information we'll construct some fitting job market profiles in cooperation with the employee.
    • From the above, a personal plan will be built up.

Step 3: Finding the right match

    • Strengthening the employees' position on the job market. This can be done via several trainings. These could delve into people skills, personal branding, optimising the cv amongst others.
    • Fitting vacancies are searched and reached out to. We do this within our own network but also outwards. Sometimes employees can be introduced even before the vacancy goes live publicly.
    • We are very closely involved and the employee will have daily or weekly contact with us, or will otherwise be spending time on Ouplacement.

Step 4: Resume work and evaluation

    • A fitting vacancy has been found and filled and the employee can resume his working career in a new environment.
    • We offer on-the-job coaching. With this we guarantee quality for both the employee and the new employer, so that a durable new function is assured.
    • We would like to evaluate the entire process with you (our client) and the employee in question. Feedback is always welcome. Seeing as we do want to deliver a service that provides comfort and good results for all parties involved.

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